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University of Ghana Tells BNI: We can resolve our own election dispute


SADFSADFSDFSDFASDThe University of Ghana has said the investigation by the Bureau of National Investigations into its controversial SRC was without recourse to the University.

The University in a statement said it has adequate internal mechanisms to resolve election-related disputes and would rather agencies stay off.

The statement follows an investigation conducted by the BNI into a botched SRC election conducted on April 9, 2015.

The findings of the BNI’s investigation indicate that the software used in conducting the election had been tampered with.

The owner of the software was arrested and later released.

The BNI insists the elections were compromised to favour one of the candidates.

But the management of the University does not appear too happy with the intervention by the BNI.

While management admitted there were challenges with the elections, it said it would use the appropriate internal mechanisms to resolve them.

“The elections were organised using an electronic voting system and applying the same software that has been deployed by the SRC for the past five years.

“Following the collation of results by the Electoral Commission, one of the contestants and his supporters expressed their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the elections.

“The Management of University of Ghana would like to assure all stakeholders in the election dispute that there are adequate internal mechanisms for resolving such disputes.

“The University is committed to using the time-honoured internal statutory arrangements for the resolution of the current dispute,” it said.

Meanwhile the University appeals to agencies outside of the University to allow these processes to be exhausted and avoid unwarranted and undue sensationalisation of the matter which could only serve to aggravate the situation on campus.