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Turn Your Old Jam Jars into Beautiful Flower Vases! Tinuke Odunfa Shares Tips on How To D-I-Y


I just had the most delicious pasta dish, which I made myself by the way (maybe I’ll share a recipe later). I love pasta; it’s one of my favorite meals. I’m looking forward to making some more later on this week. Not because I want to eat pasta so many times a week, but because I really want the pasta sauce to be finished so I can use the jar for a cool DIY.
For this DIY project, I had saved 2 empty pasta jars and one empty jam jar. I don’t eat jam: sugar is bad for you. Stay away. Digressing as usual.

Today, I will be sharing another upcycling project using old food jars. Here are the quick and easy steps to make your very own cool gold decorated flower vases.

For this cool DIY project, you will need:
Empty jars
Fabric ribbons and lace
Metallic gold spray
Glue gun
Craft glue
Old newspaper or old cartons

How To
Make sure you wash and strip your jars of all paper labeling and glue.
upcycled vase 1

Go outdoors, turn the jars upside-down and spray with a light coat of gold spray. Spray at distance recommended by the manufacturer. Let it dry for about an hour then give it a second coat for good coverage. Don’t spray heavy on either spray or it will start to run.

upcycled vase 2

Let your sprayed jars dry completely for a day. We all have different brands of spray paint so dry-time varies, so this is to be safe… Do not touch when you spray. (You might be tempted because its just so shiny and pretty.) Please note: dry to touch is different from completely dry. Measure the length of the ribbons and lace you need by wrapping them around each one. Then cut them down to size ready for gluing.
upcycled vase 3upcycled vase 4

Paint on some crafts or fabric glue onto the perimeter of the lace. Hold the jar on its side, then wrap the lace carefully around the jar.
upcycled vase 5
upcycled vase 6

Stick your ribbons of choice together before sticking them to the jars using the glue gun. Stick them on by using same glue gun to apply glue to the inside of the ends of the ribbon.
upcycled vase 7

upcycled vase 8
Let it dry and that’s it. Done.

You may like the way the vases look before attaching the ribbons, so you can use them just like that. Or you can go through the entire decorating process. Get yourself some beautiful flowers and do a nice arrangement for home. This was my first flower arrangement ever. My mom is the one with the green thumb but she isn’t anywhere close-by so I had to do this myself. I don’t think it turned out so bad. I got some good tips from a real florist though.

This is an excellent DIY for event planners or caterers. So now is the time to start gathering those jars ready for a nice centerpiece for your tables.
Please don’t forget to share opinions, requests or pictures of your completed projects with me when you attempt any of the DIY projects. Tag me on Instagram @lagosinteriordesign and Twitter @tinuke and or hashtag your pictures #liDIYers
Please make suggestions for DIY projects that you would like to see. Someone may get an awesome, cheap and cheerful solution for their home or party in the process.
Happy DIY-ing.