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Rocking African prints with jeans creates magic!


sfasdfsdfsdfsadfsfAfrican wear, characterised by richly coloured prints, intricately beautiful embroidered garments, and a wide range of head gears among many others is the traditional clothing of Africans.

The many vibrant and thriving cultures of Africa are evidenced in the vastly different clothing styles all across the continent. Seemingly disappearing from the fashion scene along the years and mainly restricted to the elderly in the society due to the great invasion of the western culture, the African wear is finally rising from the depths in Ghana at a much welcomed quick pace.

The response to the resurgence, ironically driven by the youth has been amazing. Initially used as a Friday wear, the African wear is gradually crossing the barriers of the fashion industry.

From casual, official, evening wears just name them, it’s trending thick and fast. No one could have predicted this, and even if anyone did, the rate and magnitude of resurgence of the African wear onto the fashion scene now would have been beyond their wildest expectation.

Indeed the problem has always been incorporating the African wear into the modern and western fashion sense which dominates the fashion scene and the people brave enough to test the new waters in the fashion industry.

As they say, “high risks, higher returns”, the adventurous investors and designers dared and are reaping great benefits now leading to further innovative ideas in rebranding the African wear to have a wider appeal on such a dynamic market and also to make it more suitable for diverse occasions and settings.

This is the key to the sudden rise of the African wear. And so the trend grows, the incorporation has been a success story. The variant designs of the African wear have made it more flexible in terms of meeting individual needs with respect to the occasion.

From wax print tops, trousers, skirts and dresses sometimes integrated with western garments to embroidered jalabiya, club t-shirts and various fabrics to colourful smocks and dashikis, the choice is yours to make on how you showcase our rich African tradition.