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Mr. Beautiful should give us a break!


fsafasdfsdfsdfsadfsdfWhen I read the story about Ghanaian actor Mr. Beautiful claiming most movie producers have jointly decided not to feature him in movies because he campaigned for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2012 presidential elections, I laughed!

I am not ruling out the fact that our beloved country, Ghana is polarized even to the point of the air we breathe; but let’s analyze the issue critically to ascertain the veracity or falsity of his claims.

What kind of actor is Mr. Beautiful? I’m sure most of us know him to be a comic actor. If you check his track record, he has played comic roles in virtually all his movies. Is he funny anymore? Can he match up to the likes of Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin, Akrobeto and Kwaku Manu who are in vogue in the comic circles? The fact is dude is not funny anymore! He cannot compete with the aforementioned comedy actors because his brand has sunk!

Abeiku Santana went round campaigning for then candidate John Dramani Mahama but still, Abeiku is relevant! Daddy Lumba and Kwabena Kwabena composed a song each for Nana Akuffo Addo and are still loved for their good music by many Ghanaians. So what is Mr. Beautiful telling us? That even though he is good, has his acting skills intact, makes the viewer want to see him on their screens, can let producers get value for their money, they will decide to end his acting career abruptly because of his party affiliation?

I simply don’t understand why he is always playing political cards to attract sympathy from a section of the public. Movie production is a business venture and every businessman targets at maximizing profit. In effect, they assemble the ingredients that will help them achieve their set targets. You must be kidding me when you tell me that a businessman knowing your worth decided to ditch you for a novice and or an inept.

Mr. Beautiful should sit down and work on his brand and he will surely get movie roles.