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Let’s showcase Ghanaian culture in movies, lifestyle


sadfsdfsdfdgggTV personality and host of The Standpoint, Gifty Anti, has called on Ghanaians and Africa as a whole to go back to portraying their cultural values in their movies.

“We have so many beautiful things here that we can use to showcase our uniqueness, so we have to go back to our culture,” she said in an interview with Red Carpet on Joy Prime on Multi-TV.

“When you watch, the Nigerians were doing it so well, but they are also losing it with the new movies that are coming up,” she added

According to her, the entertainment industry is deviating from our culture and is rather copying from Western culture.

“We are really not showcasing our country, at a point we tried but we have lost it; apart from the traditional settings we do in our movies, we are all dressing the Western way and we are forgetting Ghana.”

Whilst saying the industry has lost its way, Gifty Anti, pointed out that some Ghanaian industry players are really trying their best to showcase the country.

“Without any bias I will mention Becca who does very well with her African fabric all the time and Shirley Frimpong-Manson also started portraying some of our African designs by using the fabric in her movies but the rest of them are going back to the Western way.”

“Ghana is beautiful, I wish we could wear Ghana from Monday to Sunday,” she concluded.



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