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I was born in a Village without Electricity – DJ Breezy Shares His Sad Story

Dj BREEZYBlack Avenue Muzik’s in-house music producer, DJ Breezy shed a tear oe two after picking up the producer of the year award at this year’s industry awards as part of the 2015 Ghana Music Awards.
DJ Breezy has recounted how Sammie Blacc introduced him D Black in his speech.
The now multiple hit producer reiterated his story on instagram with a photo captioned;
Whats written is written !
It doesn’t matter where you were born or the obstacles. If God says yes, you will surely be at where he wants you to be. It all started when I was a kid,wanted to be a DJ and a producer. But unfortunately for me, I was born on a land of no #Electricity so I’ve to hustle my way out of my Village (Amlakpo – Ada) to the city to do what I wanted to do. Came to tema to be with ma mum, to be able to have the chance to learn my Dj Work and Music production. At that time, I don’t even know where to start, or who to see … It was really hard for me by then. Cos even computer to even start something, I don’t have .. The money to get it too I don’t have …so decided to put this all aside first and hustle for some money to get myself a computer to start. Fortunately for me my uncle is selling used electronics Goods at tema community one. So I worked with him for a whole year to get some money and get computer to start my music career and that’s the computer in the setup that’s not all but now wanted the world to hear about me, but don’t know where or who to go to.Registered on Facebook to ask This and producers for help.Unfortunately,none is ready to help but later on ,came across a guy, that I talked to him about what I wanted to do if he can help me.So he asked me to send some of the recordings I’ve done in the house .. Did that and he was like woooow you did all this in your bedroom ?So it was from there and he said you know what, we starting work by tomorrow..That day,I couldn’t sleep was just waiting for day to break and this guy called @sammieblacc we hustled from studio to studio where I’ve to move from tema to Accra to be sleeping in studios from Circle to Dansoman to north Kaneshie. @iamedemgh is a witness.It wasn’t easy at all, the sleepless nights, empty stomach,accidents and a whole lot .But if God says YES no one can say No ! It was later on wen Sammy working on @dblackgh Album and wanted me to mix some tracks on the album,and since then, I’ve started working with DBlack and I’m here getting them awards thanks to God ,My team, #Bam all my fansGod bless us all..we getting it next year too#Godisthereason