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Girls Caught Illegally Selling Their Bodies to Men at Night.


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After a strict curfew was placed in kabalagala district of uganda, that no prostitute is to be seen loitering or engaging in any form of prostitution.

But it was obvious that some of its citizens paid deaf ears to the legal order, so the government decided to put in more actions than words by ordering the securities to arrest any form of prostitution seen around the neighbourhood.

And on this fateful night, the securities were able to fish out lots of lots of runs girls with their customers at every hidden street corners, shagging with different men. It was actually a day to remember as it was a big shocking surprise how these security men got to know their whereabout.

Forgetting the fact that the government agencies have intels who investigate and uncovers hidden crimes.

As bad as it may sound, some of these people captured are married men and women who are having what they call “good time” while their partners are at home having sleepless nights, waiting for them to return back. So bad for them, atleast this would serve as a huge lesson for them.

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To Watch The Video CLICK HERE