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Ghana soccer players behave like taxi drivers


adfsdfasdfsdfAstute football administrator Albert Commey has said Ghanaian footballers are fiscally indiscipline, comparing their financial habits to taxi drivers.

Several Ghanaian players have gone bankrupt after retiring due to their extravagant lifestyle during their active days.

Unlike Ghanaian foreign-based players who are paid weekly wages, local players are paid monthly salaries, winning bonuses and signing on fee, which is often a lump sum.

The Aduana CEO has advised players to invest.

“You have to invest or look for a financial expert to guide you in how to invest. But immediately they [footballers] get the money, their whole attitude changes. For instance, when I was at Hearts of Oak, I remember for the first time a player was given Gh¢ 40,000 (as signing on fee) and if you look at the way he behaved, even trying to tell him that it’s dangerous carrying such amount in town, he told us he is old enough to handle his money,” Commey told Kumasi-based Ultimate FM.

“Within a month he had blown half already. After some few months, he came begging for money from colleagues. So that is how bad it is. They behave typically like the taxi drivers, blowing money always and when the car breaks down, they are in trouble,” he added.

Commey added: “Look at Jacob Nartey, [he] has not gone outside before but he’s built not just one house and I tell you he’s living well. Emmanuel Akuoko (Aduana Stars captain) has a five-bedroom [house] in Kumasi and you will be surprised he has not travelled outside before.”