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CHECK! The Wealthiest Ghanaian DJ Officially Identified; He’s the only one Who Pulls a Range Rover “EVOGUE SPORT”

He speaks Less & Prefers His Money to do all the Necessary Talks!

And before I penned down any other punch; big shout out to all the Ghanaian DJs, driving around town in people’s cars, acting as if they are rich and have all the money but yet…. ‘They can’t afford their self Ride’.


From the records; I can boldly say and brag, we have a siren for the very affluent DJ in Ghana, since it never strike the mindset of many that some famous DJ in Africa are not only endowed on the turn table but their pockets are too.

FrenchKiss DJ, the world’s grand Disc Jockey, based in UK, officially Ghanaian with mammoth years of experience in music mixing since 1996 and has never taken a halt is without any unnecessary squabble is prominently the only Ghanaian DJ who has meet the expense of acquiring an Evogue sport Range Rover in photos beneath.

The humble Ghanaian DJ FrenchKiss who has presently returned home (Ghana) from the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland is also from researches not only successful in Jockeying Discs. He has been labeled as an industrialist with multiple businesses in the UK and has currently initiated two in Ghana.


In a brief conversation with the wealthy DJ FrenchKiss & getting answers to queries on how he made it to the extent of making his living attain that perfect stand, he said to me (Monte OZ) – “I’ve always believed to Become a Rich DJ, living in expensive mansions & drive in very luxurious cars to the clubs since time immemorial & so with that been said; I worked hard to make it come alive. I never wanted to be your average DJ like those on the opposite side”.


So far as I know, FrenchKiss is the only DJ in Africa, who mix metaphors on the turn tables worldwide and make you think. If there is anyone like that, Well! Please somebody show me.

In the meantime, take a good look at more photos of FrenchKiss DJ with his Posh Ride, flaunted beneath.