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Talented Tot Tuesday: Meet the Future of Ghanaian Sports

This country needs a lot of hope at this point; with the power outages, all we can look up to is the light that proceeds the tunnel.
This week I present you hope for our nation’s sports, in the form of two young talents that I didn’t have to pay appearance fees to meet.
Ricci ossei (Hope for soccer)
Ricci isn’t only the son of hip life pioneer and 33rd most influential Ghanaian, Reggie Rockstone, he is also the grand son of Dr. Hilla Liman. With a few television appearances and features in a few music videos, Ricci stays modest; not seeing himself any different from any other child on the play ground (An attitude that must have been instilled but by his family and the soul clinic int. school). It’s easy to envision the legendary Abedi Pele in Ricci, on and off the playground.
The child is a leader, and he plays his favorite sport with utmost passion and discipline.
Jayden (Future NBA star)
Jayden isn’t in for jokes, he became my pal as soon as I set foot in his classroom at The soul clinic Int School. His free spirited approach and politeness is unphantomable. “My brother”- That’s how Jayden would refer to me anytime we met, chasing me around to tell me his dream. Jayden isn’t fazed by fact that he isn’t big enough; he is willing to challenge anyone on the court. That’s what makes him a light in a world where people shoot down challenges and limit their dreams.
Watch Ricci and Jayden