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REVEALED! List of Some Useless Presidents Ghana have HAD so FAR


Talking of some of the ‘useless’ presidents Ghana have had so far, I will be taking it from 1992 till date as I was there to witness some of those useless stuffs these guys sent us into.

Now, Let’s check them out…


#1: J.J Rawlings

This was the man the entire nation was hailing as the Junior Jesus. The man to liberate Ghana but after 20 years of ruling Ghana, the best he could offer us was to send us into jaws of the IMF and World Bank.

No wonder the best Ghana remembers him for is a park and with this; I’m referring to the Rawlings Park.
Ruling for 20 years and the best your country can remember you for is a park obviously shows how ‘useless’ your presidency was.

What did he leave us with?- selling state companies



#2: Ata Mills

The professor was the next in line. He is dead and I guess his uselessness has died with him but yet still how corrupt his government was leaves a lot to be desired.

What did he leave us with?- My brothers and sisters


#3: Mahama

As for this useless president, the least said about him the better. I see him as the most confused president in this world. He is more confused the word itself.
Always giving out vague promises and only God knows the number of times he has promised to bring heaven on earth.

From his sanitary pad to World Cup rambo style to dum-dumsor, what else is left than the world to know how useless our current president is? Many now prefer to call him Bohyeba!

What has he left us with?- Chinese Parliament, Corrupt Ministers, Dumsor etc.

Compiled By: Loudest Gist Nigeria