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Ray J Gets Brutally Beaten By His Girlfriend


Ray-J and Princess LoveNever underestimate some ladies oo. We see tough guys rolling with boss chicks and we think thats all – go and see how some of these girls bless the guy with beatings in the room.
Kim Kardashian’s ex boyfriend Ray J is suffering in the hands of his girlfriend, Princess Love .

Princess has been arrested for beating up the singer. Not just beating, she gave him several cracked ribs, a busted lip, and a torn ACL from the attack. Ray J however bailed her out later on and even paid for a lawyer for her.

Princess Love was heard screaming that she will beat the hell out of Ray J as she gave him the beating, but no one called police until a hotel security guard saw that Ray J was bleeding.
This isnt the first time a girlfriend has been reported beating her boyfriend.
Ladies we beg, reduce the beating.