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Rapper Gemini Apologizes For “Insulting” Dr Kwame Nkrumah


GeminiFew days ago, 2131 artiste, Gemini, took to His social network page to show his dismay over some works by the First president of Ghana. The rapper went on calling Kwame Nkrumah “The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Ghana”. A lot of people showed him their disappointment in He said and went on to advice him.

Early this morning, He takes to His page again to apologize by saying;

I am rocking this Kwame Nkrumah t-shirt to my E-Talk interview tomorrow Thursday on GHone Tv with Amanda Jissih @9pm. Indeed he was a great man and a hero who made a few mistakes like you and me do. I have also taken your advice to keep my ‪#‎PureFacts‬ to myself and feed you with only good music. Apologies where necessary are rendered to the sitting,the ex and sympathizers of the late first president of the Republic of Ghana whom I mentioned in my last two post on my personal Facebook page(Gemini Orleans) as a statement of fact instead of opinion. My ‪#‎FFF‬ (Family Friends and Fans) mean a lot to me and so upon agreeing to their request with all respect, I withdraw that particular statement I made publicly on my personal page on Facebook. Let’s pray for our nation and leaders instead and wish them well so that we leave the events of the past behind. Thanks a lot for the advice and criticisms, now back to some Music!!!! Check out my new video “Where The Money Dey?” first time airplay on GHone tomorrow evening. ‪#‎DopestRapper‬