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Ireti Doyle is Fairy Dishwashing Liquid’s Brand Ambassador as it launches the ‘Original’ & ‘Lemon’ Variants in Nigeria!


Procter & Gamble, one of the leading consumer goods manufacturer behind some of Nigeria’s most trusted brands, such as Ariel, has launched its Fairy® brand of dishwashing liquid in Nigeria!

New Fairy® is one of the world’s number one dishwashing liquids, and is known to be a powerful drop that’s hard to stop. With superior grease-cutting power and its oily grease removal system, Fairy® is very effective on oily grease and lasts longer than other brands, with a concentrated formula that delivers long-lasting suds.

Popular Nigerian actress, presenter and broadcaster, Iretyola Doyle is the brand ambassador for the Fairy® brand in Nigeria.

Fairy Dishwashing Liquid - Bellanaija - January2015003

She expressed her excitement about the partnership saying “It is easy to connect with a brand that makes the home its priority. We all need help to win in life. Now, I have Fairy® to help me achieve squeaky clean dishes always, whether I am preparing our home meals or catering a dinner party“.

Each bottle of Fairy® represents over 50 years of science and innovation. The same top-quality product that is trusted by consumers in the UK and beyond will be available from leading retailers in Nigeria in the ‘Original’ and ‘Lemon’ variants as of January 2015.

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A drop of the Fairy dishwashing liquid quickly dissolves and cleans tough oily grease easily, leaving dishes squeaky clean.

Ireti later added, “In a world that often pulls people apart, there is one place that brings families together again and again, and that is the kitchen. Even though milk may get spilled and food may get burned, now we can trust Fairy® to be there, helping to get dishes squeaky clean. As a single drop lasts two times longer than its best-selling competitors, less is needed to get the job done. For me, ‘whoever chooses Fairy®, wins!“.

Fairy Dishwashing Liquid - Bellanaija - January2015006 Fairy Dishwashing Liquid - Bellanaija - January2015005

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