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Hilarious Video: This is What Happens When You Refuse to Pay For Soccer BETS!

Today has been one of the most interesting and funny days of my life.

A footage I grabbed from as argument I came in contact with earlier in the morning saw a guy almost being punched for refusing to pay for a Ghana vs Algeria BET during the just gone AFCON 2015.

Apparently the in the colorful T-shirt improvised the BET with the man in white and promised to pay a sum amount of 100 Ghana Cedis if Algeria should lose the game. The prayers of the man in white worked but the dude in the colorful plotted vibes in order to aid him swerve the payment.

Firstly, he never had the man in white’s phone digits. The next thing was he tried reaching him but no answer lol. What a fact lie. Man in white threw a simple question demanding a simple and straight answer from the colorful shirt guy but all he got was a ZONK. Will you pay the money or not? He asked the colorful shirt dude. I will pay but it will be a surprise the colorful guy answered. How funny is that? Lol Man asked the question and expecting a reasonable answer from the tall man in colorful shirt. Shockingly, what came out from the mouth of the colorful guy was; Okay I won’t pay. Angry man in white then charged up and settled on taking the cellphone of the colorful dressed dude in replace of the 100Ghc And that’s when the tall guy became the last BET cheat standing!

Check on the video below & remember to share or CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT