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Ghana’s Kalybos Featured in Chinese Movie?


Very famous YouTube skit African comic Actor, Kalybos who’s much known in school’s register as Richard Asante from anecodotes has officially filmed his first full movie starring Ghana’s ladies favorite John Dumelo, David Dontoh (Ghana Man) & others doing the cameos. Oh Oh Oh… Yes! I remember; and the Sexy Kwahu girl too, celebrity Ahuofe Patri was spotted on set as well.

The revealed forthcoming movie is nicked ‘KALYBOS IN CHINA’ and has had it China scenes already and originally filmed in China. The Kofas Media crew in the direction of Kofi Asamoah, completed the Ghana scene shoot with the mentioned stars above last weekend & it’s in the line to premiere in no time.

Fans of Kalybos are mostly familiar with he been featured in his regular short films “Adventures of Kalybos’ but it’s that time for the mass to encounter the Boys Kasa Jonckie in a full featured film which will measure his Strength in acting.

Still from the Set: @iamkalybos in #China Movie Shoot… My Homeboy @1kofiasamoah in the Back. DOING WHAT HE DOES BEST #BehindTheScenes A photo posted by Monte OZ (#Memphis Boy) (@monteozafrica) on

It never gets boring with Kalybos when is a Kofas Media work piece,

Be on the lookout… I will drop photos from the set in a few