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Actress Martha Ankomah turns Pastor?


Martha AnkomahIt’s another Tuesday … welcome to the #RumorTuesday.

Errrm…when was the Last time you saw Actress Martha Ankomah in a movie? Quite Long right?

The beautiful Ghanaian Actress has not quit acting but information Ghanaflow.net gathered indicates that the actress is closer to God now,prays and speaks in tongues and might be a pastor soon.

After her explicit scenes in the movies “Heart of Men” and Kiss me if you can” the actress we hear has decided not to shoot movies with explicit scenes/bad movies again.She will shoot good Christian Movies only.

“Some of us can take a bold step and say this is not good and so we are not going to do it. And so, I’ve tried by the grace of God to reject a lot of these scripts and I see most of my colleges doing that so we can actually put good movies out there. All the witchcraft, juju, whatever movies don’t help our nation, doesn’t help our society, it doesn’t help people and so if scripts like that come and I’m not showing up, people are like Martha is something” the actress made this statement few weeks ago on Hitz FM.

The actress is currently using her instagram account @marthaankomah wiyh over 15.6k followers to motivate people as well as advising and preaching the word of God through her awesome captions and decent photos.

See some of her photos + captions below:


Ur battle ground is ur mind so make sure it doesn’t conquer u. Always make sure u thinking positive. Happy Sunday guys…..


Happy Sunday to u all….. Jesus Christ is our perfection.


In all ur ways seek wisdom. Have a great week.


“Jesus Christ is our wisdom. Happy Sunday”


“Happy Sunday to u all. Just know that the word impossible says I’m possible. So what are u waiting for? Just think abt it. Wih God all things are possible. Peace……”

Source:Don Twix/Ghanaflow.net