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Sam Smith’s Fan Necklace


sdfasdfsdfsdfsdfSam Smith has gotten a necklace so he can be reminded of his loyal supporters wherever he goes.

The ‘Stay With Me’ hitmaker purchased the piece of jewellery so that he always has his loyal supporters with him wherever he goes.

Alongside a photograph of the necklace – which is in the shape of an anchor with two swallows above it, – he wrote on Instagram: ”I just got this.

So you’ll always be with me little sailors x (sic)” The 22-year-old singer shared the snap with his 1.65 million followers, who soon replied to share their love for the singer.

One wrote: ”this made me smile, I love you so much! (sic)”, whilst another added: ”Always with you Sam. love it and we love you (sic)”

Meanwhile, the ‘Money on My Mind’ hitmaker previously revealed that his fans have ”filled a hole” in his life.

He said: ”I used to yearn to fall in love. My fans have filled that hole.” When asked what made him such a success, he added: ”The one thing I would say that I think has done it, it’s honesty. Go through any massive song and the key is being relatable.

”Make a song that makes everyone go, ‘I have felt like that. I know how you feel.’ If you strip it back, be yourself and be natural, I think people can sense that, you know.”