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How to Dress For the J&B Met on a Tight Budget


DASFASDFSDFSDThe J&B Met annual event has simplified the theme for the high fashion social function this year.

Save your credit card, don’t head to the mall to buy a last minute outfit just raid your wardrobe and mix and match the outfits.

Celebrity designer Ephraim Molingoane, owner of Ephymol designs says this is the simplest theme for the Met.

“This is the simplest theme ever.  The trick is to mix items that do not match, like the glam outfit with an African attire.”

“You can also do Office wear with sports wear, or you can go wild on fabrics such as stripes and prints. You are allowed to go crazy but tone down,” he said.

He also says a tuxedo look with stilletos for the ladies can be a great combination.

“Wear you man’s suit and make sure your high heels make a mark.”

Molingoane will be dressing DJ Mo Flava and says that Pharrel’s hat has nothing on what people can expect from the YFM presenter.

“Mo will be rocking the mix hard, I went crazy for his attire, we took suits I had in my studio and reworked them. Believe me his outfit will be made of the J&B bottle, so expect glass and a hat that makes a statement,” he said.

Celebrity stylist, Tshiamo Mathibela advises simplicity and comfort.

“Be simple and comfortable, go through what you have, your 90’s look and the now outfit can make a mix.”

“The theme is not about glam so there is no need to think Oscar awards. This is true essence of the artistic you, get creative at home in your closet,” she said.