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‘He Kissed Me, Told Me He Loved Me then Stopped Calling’, Jordin Sparks Dishes on Removing her Purity Ring & Breakup with Jason Derulo


After the heartbreak comes the radio interview…

…or that’s how it has been for Hollywood stars in the past few weeks with both parties dishing their side of the drama to their fans via radio shows.

Jordin Sparks was on the Breakfast Club recently and the singer dishes on the real deal behind her breakup with fiancé Jason Derulo, including the fact that she found out they were done via the media.

Read excerpts below:

On what caused her relationship to end: I honestly don’t know how to explain it except for things really never got talked about. I still haven’t spoken to him so…

On pressure to get married: When you are in the spotlight at all and you are in a relationship, people are going to expect that… The pressure was going to be there anyway… That was something we knew was going to happen and then he wrote the song and I did encourage him to put it on the album because it’s a great song… I did want to marry him… But, part of me feels like he just scared himself.

On his newfound level of fame playing a part of relationship: Um, I’d say that was a part of it

On what she learned: I’m not going to say I regret the relationship because it’s taught me a lot about myself. It’s taught me what I don’t want. It’s taught me what I do want. It’s taught me what I’m willing to do in a relationship and it’s taught me what I’m not going to do again.

On not liking Drake: He makes great music but… he’s not my type.

On reaching back out to Jason to get closure: No… I wouldn’t do that again… Why go back there? Obviously with his actions he showed me what he thought of me. Why go back there and try and get a conversation that should’ve happened?

On what she’ll do if she sees him at the Grammy’s: I’m not one of those people that’s petty like that… I’d just be like hey, congratulations on everything… If he approached me.

On breaking her purity ring promise: I felt guilty because I made the promise to me, God and my parents and I don’t ever want to let my parents down. But, at the same time I was like, well, it happened… It was great.

On her skinnier body image: It’s still very weird for me, I’ve always been bigger than everybody… I’m still getting used to it.

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