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Di’Ja on Tiwa Savage: Apart from the Rivalry the Media Made Up, There Was No Rivalry


ujhlMavin Records artist, Di’Ja, is one artist to look out for this 2015.

In an interview with Sunday Punch, Di’Ja talks being mixed, racism, being petite, other members of the Mavin Crew and more.

Read excerpts from her interview below:

On dark skin: I almost feel sorry for our nation because some people think that the lighter the skin colour, the better life will be for the person. Sometimes when I walk on the streets, I see the way our people treat others differently because of skin colour. I think we are now in a black-on-black racist society. Black does not just come in dark shades; some blacks are light-skinned. I did not pick my family. I like to believe my race is humanity. We come in different colours and that does not mean that one person is better than the other. It means that God is an awesome and colourful God.

On being intimidated because of her size: Yes, but the mind is a beautiful thing. I am such an odd human being and my mind really helps me. If someone comes to me as a lion, I can literally turn them to a pussy cat by my imagination and they will not look so scary anymore. I feel we try to intimidate people, not because we are mean or wicked, but because it is all we have. It is something that is innate; maybe because we feel the world is not big enough for all of us or we should not all do the same thing. We have to realise that the world is big enough for others. We may not be as successful as the other man, but if we realise that, we will live and do all that we do.

On Don Jazzy: Don Jazzy is a clown; if one follows him on Twitter and Instagram, one will find out that he always jokes with his fans. The reason people think he is too serious is because we live in a very judgmental society. Someone always comes up with something. He is not as serious as he looks; looks can be deceiving.

On Tiwa Savage: Apart from the rivalry the media made up, there was no rivalry. Right from when I got in, every single person has been supportive and they shared their experiences with me. We get along very fine. I do not see her often, but when I do, it is pretty hilarious. She is funny.

You can read up the rest of her interview here.