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Dancehall Kings at War: Burna Boy vs Buffalo Souljah!


SADFSADFSDSDSDFSDSDA war has broken out between dancehall/reggae artists Burna Boy and Buffalo Souljah. Apparently, the “beef” popped off on Saturday (24 January) at Da L.E.S.’s all-white party in Johannesburg. Burna Boy apparently addressed Buffalo Souljah about rumours about him badmouthing him. The situation quickly escalated when Burna and his crew laid hands on Buffalo.

Buffalo was quick to release a statement on the incident in a series of tweets and a YouTube video relaying what happened.

Burna Boy also posted a conspicuous tweet on his feed which looks very much like a reference to the altercation.

The beef seems to have shaken up the dancehall community as far as Ghana, with Lyrical Sparta of SMF calling out Burna Boy for disrespecting Buffalo and even posting a video where he threatens to retaliate on Buffalo’s behalf.

We hope this beef doesn’t escalate any further, with all the threats of violence flying around.