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‘Aye’, ‘Dorobucci’, ‘Johnny’ & More! Find Out the Top 100 Songs Played in Nigeria for 2014


Media analytics company, Playspread, captured and analyzed the top songs that were played on Nigeria’s airwaves in 2014.

According to Playspread, they only chose Nigerian songs that had a play count above 1000 on both TV stations and radio stations for at least three-quarters of the 201 stations they monitor across 6 geo-political zones.

Most of the songs were released in year 2014 except for some few exceptional ones in the previous year. The list is occupied by 63 artists with Olamide having the highest number of songs on the list; 6 of them

8 songs enjoyed play count of more than 10,000, although 5 of those songs (released 2013) had extended shelf lives into 2014.

Check out their info graphic below!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Photo Credit: Playspread